Blood Bowl -Spike 6 (VO) Série Limitée Agrandir

Blood Bowl -Spike 6 (VO) Série Limitée

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  • Full stats and rules for the Athelorn Avengers and other Wood Elves
  • Unleash nature’s fury with a host of savage and aggressive Star Players
  • Background and timelines for one of the strangest teams in Blood Bowl history

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En anglais.

The mysterious and deadly Wood Elves enter the fray in Spike! Journal 6. L. Ron Elfman signs on as Guest Editor (after expressing some misgivings about the amount of wood pulp that went into this print run) to bring you some insider info. 

If you want to put on a show, dancing across the pitch, pulling off impressive feats of speed and agility, the Wood Elves are for you. Find an ancient (but sturdy) tree and clamber into its arboreal embrace with this fine volume to spend an afternoon learning about the forest dwellers of Athel Loren.

Read about the rich history of these unlikely Blood Bowl favorites, including insight into the wide variety of strange woodland Spites, Treemen and Dryads that cheer them on (and sometimes join them)! They’re the proverbial glass dagger, hitting hard and fast, but crumpling under pressure if they’re not handled carefully. Don’t worry, we’ve got tactical tips from the experts to help you along, as well as all the rules you need to field them and their host of bizarre Star Players, plus the usual hilarious columns and the latest instalment of the Mighty Blow! comic strip.

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Blood Bowl -Spike 6 (VO) Série Limitée

Blood Bowl -Spike 6 (VO) Série Limitée


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